Privacy Policy

JK Multicolor is a privately owned Specialist Printing Company and has no affiliations with any other companies whatsoever. The database of our clients is for the sole use of JK Multicolor and is not a part of any shared database.

Your personal and corporate privacy is important to our company.

Your personal information such as: name, title, telephone, fax, mobile number, address and email address, specific communications to and from us, billing information, or account numbers etc, may be stored on our business servers, however credit card details will be destroyed on completion of each transaction.

Your name, email address and other contact data may only be passed to others in the course of approved business between you and us (for example, in dealings with a supplier, a specialised designer, etc). Your name, email address and any other detail specific to you will not be released to any third party for sale, commission, or otherwise benefit to JK Multicolor unless you approve us in each case to do so.

Should it be necessary to release your personal or corporate information to another company or person in the course of your business dealings with us, or as otherwise approved by you, JK Multicolor will take no responsibility or liability for the use of that information by the other company or person.

JK Multicolor may use your contact details to send you communications as required for ongoing dealings between you and us and for general contact such as details of new services or special promotional offers from other facets of JK Multicolor and so on. We do not maintain any business other than as advertised so you should not expect us to contact you with offers outside the core of our business. Whilst contact from JK Multicolor, aside from that associated with present business dealings, is expected to be rare, you may elect not to receive any further communications from us by sending us an email requesting such.


JK Multicolor will not knowingly engage in designing or printing any thing which breaks any copyright laws or use without required/purchased permissions, media or software from any other source. JK Multicolor reserves the right to deny any offer of work which breeches this mandate or is deemed to be unsuitable by the management.

Please contact us for any further clarification of this policy.