Monogramming involves debossing and/or foil stamping full names, initials and various custom text using an existing typeset i.e. a set group of individual letters that are inserted into a machine for hot stamping any item that is able to fit into the machine.

Some of the items that are normally debossed/hot stamped include the following:

  • Wallets
  • Hand bags
  • Notebooks
  • Compendiums/portfolios/satchels
  • Shoes/boots
  • Various leather/PU/PVC items & products

We are proud to offer our commercial and retail clients to personalise any appropriate item they wish.

Monogramming has recently become very popular within the retail sphere where customers can come and have their items decorated on the spot as it takes no longer than 5-10 mins.

JKM also specialises and can cater for any kind of corporate or social monogramming event where typically items such as notebooks, travel tags, leather key tags or even wine totes are embossed or foil stamped on the spot for all attendees.

Have a look in our gallery below for recent designs.